2-Piece Canning Lid | 12 Pack

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For the crafty homemaker, canning can be an exciting endeavor that adds an extra layer of flavor to your food and a longer lifespan to your home-grown vegetables.

These 2-piece canning lids are the perfect accessory for preserving your homemade jams, pickles, and other delicious treats. These durable and reliable canning lids are designed to create a secure seal that will keep your foods fresh and safe until you’re ready to either eat them yourself, or take them down to the farmer’s market! The lid’s threaded ring is made of a sturdy and grippable material, making it easy to twist these on and off. Perfect for beginner and expert canners alike, these 2-piece jar lids are both effective and easy to use! You can re-use these lids year after year, so even your great-grandchildren can enjoy the wonders of home-canning.

Use for hot foods up to 190º F (89º C).