Glass Candle Jars

group shot of different candle jars

Exquisite, Crystal Clear Candle Jars

Jar Store offers cases of empty glass candle jars that are excellent options for decorative candle containers. Our candle jars range from small prism jars that are perfect for samples or gifts, to large apothecary jars for your biggest candles. Our jars are crafted in a variety of shapes and styles, some are made to convey elegance, while others can help you attain a more rustic look such as mason jar candle holders.  Whatever style candle jar you may need to get your business up and running, Jar Store is ready to fill your needs.

Whether you’re a small business in need of bulk quantities, or a DIY expert who just needs a few, Jar Store has you covered. Most of our candle jars come with an option to add a lid or can be purchased without. Depending on the jar you choose, the lid options include metal, twist-off and glass lids. The lid options are also available for sale separately.

Wholesale Candle Jars

For any option or style that you choose, our jars are available in (bulk) wholesale quantities, or just by the case.

Do you carry any other candle making supplies (wicks, wax)?

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not carry any other specific candle making supplies for the candle jars.

If you are not sure what size glass jar you need for your next candle making project, contact us to get you started.

Need bulk boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and other packaging materials for your candle jars?

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