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Lid Options and Additional Sizes

Wonderfully stylish and exceptionally affordable, these 16 oz Jar Store Economy Jars are the best canning jars on the market when it comes to storing jams, jellies, candies, and more! With their straight sided exterior, it’s easy to affix your label and “wow” your customers. Whether you’re stocking shelves in your shop or setting the table at the farmer’s market, your product will shine bright in these clear glass jars!

Common Uses for the Economy Jar

How our customers like to use the Jar Store Economy Jar:
  • Decoration and DIY’s – With its simple style and classic mason jar silhouette, the economy jar is perfect as an all-rounder, useful in any jar DIY project
  • Storage – Whether you’re storing pencils on your desk or food in your fridge, these 16 oz jars are the perfect choice
  • Canning – When paired with a button lid, these mason jars work well for canning foods for long term storage

Suggested Label Dimensions for This Jar

Labeling your jar is an excellent way to create a unique brand. Our recommended label sizes are listed below, but experiment with dimensions to find the perfect label for your application!

  • Full-wrap around label – 4″H x 9.6″L
  • Half-wrap label – 4″H x 4.82″L
  • Quarter-wrap label – 4″H x 2.4″L

Certified for Candle Use  Canning icon

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16 oz
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12 oz
Certified for Candle Use
Certified for Food Use
5 29/100”
3 7/100”
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