Jar Lids

Metal, Glass, and Wood Lids for Glass Jars

We offer a wide selection of lids for glass jars, from small sizes to extra large, Jar Store has you covered. Whether your process is canning, candle-making, or just simple storage, we guarantee that you can find what you need. Not sure what type of lid is right for your project? Our dedicated customer service agents are always ready to help you select the perfect lid for your application.

Continuous Thread Lined Lids

The continuous thread lined glass jar lids, otherwise called mason jar lids, come in Gold, Black, Silver, and White. Be sure that you select “lined” when choosing from the drop-down menu for lid choices. These are not to be used in a hot water bath method of canning (see High Heat Lids below). The Plastisol liner is thin and meant to be used as follows:

• Heat the food to be canned to boiling (212°F)
• Clean the jars and lids in the dishwasher, and use while still warm
• Pour the food into the jar, leaving a 1/2 inch space at the top
• Screw on the Continuous Thread lid tightly
• Let cool completely. The Seal is made when the food cools and sucks down on the lid
• No need to shrink wrap. Recommended shelf life is one yea

High Heat Continuous Thread Button Lid

These lids come in Gold only and have a “button” top. The Plastisol liner is heavy duty and is meant to seal using the Hot Water Bath Method. Recommended shelf life is one year. Recommended High Heat if bath method is longer then 10-12 minutes.


These lids come in Gold, Black, and Silver. The Plastisol liner is heavy duty. They can be used for canning with either of the above methods. This is the type of lid used on 85 percent of commercial food jars. A sealed lid will be more concave than non-sealed lids. Recommended shelf life is one year.

NOTE: You cannot reuse lids when canning. All glass is tempered to handle candles with a possible exception for some of the larger glass jars. For filling, use this example: For a 9 oz jar, the ideal fill is 7 oz, etc.

We encourage our customers to clean and sanitize glass jars before they use them.


There is a drop-down box for all lids we carry which fit that particular jar. If there are no lids listed as an option below the jar, then we currently do not carry any lids to fit that jar.

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