8 oz. Jar Store Economy Jelly Jar | 12 Pack

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An American classic, the 8 oz. The Jar Store Tapered Jelly jar is a versatile, uniquely designed, and very popular option for creating gifts-in-a-jar and fun scented candles.

Lid Options and Additional Sizes

The 8 oz jar with a 70 mm continuous thread finish has a wide mouth for easy filling and accessing and serves multiple purposes. The beautiful clarity of this jelly jar’s glass makes it an ideal display container for your product.

Not only is the jelly jar perfect for homemade delectables, it’s also an excellent choice for scented candles. To add a unique and rustic style to your homemade candles, a jelly jar is the perfect vessel. With its straight, unimpeded sides, this small glass jar will allow your wax to burn evenly, wafting the wonderful scent of your hard work through the air.

Certified for Candle Use


8 oz
Wax Weight:
6 oz
Certified for Candle Use
Certified for Food Use
3 22/25"
2 63/100"
Pack Size: