White Plastic Sampler Bottle 4 oz

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These 4 oz plastic sampler bottles are definitely more than meets the eye. Composed entirely of durable HDPE plastic, these bottles are chemically compatible, FDA compliant, and ready to store your product. Ideal for more than just samples, you can use these bottles for shampoos, lotions, body scrubs, or even as helpful containers for your crafting and candle-making supplies. Imagine the delight on your customer’s face when they get themselves a 4 oz sampler of your most popular product!
Here’s a fun idea, take 4 or 5 of these plastic bottles, fill them up with different varieties of your lotions and body scrubs, and call it a “flight”! Small plastic bottles like these are perfect for letting your customer decide which of your products is their favorite, and we guarantee they’ll come back and order your larger size!