4 oz. French Square Bottle 33-400 | 12 Pack

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Jar Store's 4 oz French square glass bottle is a stylish solution that caters to a wide range of uses. When searching for the ideal shelf display that combines uniqueness and elegance while maximizing shelf space, look no further than the Jar Store's 4 oz French square glass bottle.

Spices and Herbs: Showcase your premium spices and herbs in this elegant glass bottle, allowing customers to see the vibrant colors and textures of your products.

Delightful Extracts: Make your homemade extracts stand out with the help of these 8 oz French square bottles. From vanilla and almond to citrus and more, these bottles preserve the potency and purity of your extracts, ensuring customers savor every drop.

Samples and Tastings: For businesses that offer samples or tasting sessions, these glass bottles are a sophisticated choice for presenting your products to potential customers or partners.

Travel-Friendly Companion: Planning a culinary adventure or a sampling tour? Our 4 oz French square bottle is compact and travel-friendly, allowing you to take your favorite flavors and creations with you wherever you go.

Crafting and DIY Projects: Get creative with crafting and DIY projects. This French square bottle serves as an elegant container for homemade beauty products, essential oil blends, and other delightful concoctions.

Retail Packaging: If you're in the business of selling culinary products, the French square glass bottle can enhance the appeal of your merchandise, attracting customers with its premium appearance.

For businesses and home enthusiasts alike, this 4 oz French square bottle is an ideal choice to showcase your spices, herbs, extracts, syrups, samples, and more in smaller packaging.

4 oz
Certified for Food Use
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