Frosted White Colored Candle Jar 14.5 oz with Bamboo Lid | 12 Pack

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Frosted Candle Jars For Premium Candles

Like an elegant wedding dress or a fresh snowfall, these frosted white colored candle jars invoke a certain sense of delicacy through their unique, painted color. However, don’t mistake their gentle countenance for fragility, these candle jars are made of sturdy, quality glass that will provide you with confidence in their ability to stand up to the task at hand.

Bring a brand new, simple, and clean aesthetic to your lineup of candles. With their simple color and ample space, these jars are perfect for your favorite seasonal scents and your medium-sized candles. Bring a brand new, simple, and clean aesthetic to your lineup of candles by getting these alluring vessels.

Certified for Candle Use

14.5 oz
Wax Weight:
11.5 oz
Certified for Candle Use
Lid Included
Frosted White
4 1/4"
3 1/2"
Pack Size:


  • 5
    Frosted jar

    Posted by Matt on Jun 13th 2024

    Nice quality jar, can you please make these jars in matte white?

  • 3
    Frosted White has defects

    Posted by AK on May 23rd 2024

    Out of the Jars that include a bamboo lid (amber, matte black, frosted black, etc.) The frosted white are the only ones that either have specs on the jars that you either can't scrape off and if you do the paint comes with it, but mostly the lids to the frosted white jars are always off. They're either chipped and jagged leaving it easy to get a sliver, or they are way to tight and it's hard to open them. BASCO, if you're reading this, please bring this up to the manufacturer. It's odd that these defects are only on the frosted white jars. -----Reply from Jar Store: Thank you so much for the review. We will check our recent stock of this item today. Please reach out to customer service at with pictures of you concerns so that we can make this right. Jar Store strives to only provide the best containers for our customers.

  • 3

    Posted by Michelle on Jan 4th 2024

    It's ok. Jury is still out if I will purchase again. I have had a few jars from my first box that are going to be strictly testers bc of paint like drippings, which I assume is the coating of the jar. I was expecting to fill this with 11.5 oz for a candle (with room for the lid on) but perhaps I misread the description. I am only going to be able to fill up to 10.5 oz candle (and still have room for the lid). And that's even pushing the very top where the wick will have to fold to the side to get the lid on. So as I continue testing I may need to lower the fill to 10oz for the candle for a more appropriate fill for the lid. Second thing is there is a sticker on every jar bottom that is tedious to remove and require a wash before use. A simple wipe out won't due because there is residue to clean off. So this will be more labor intensive or further steps to take to prep the jars then I anticipated. For 120 vessels the price was very favorable, so I will endure and reevalute as I progress if I will stick with this vessel moving forward.

  • 4
    Will order again

    Posted by Marie on Nov 12th 2023

    For the price, to me, these are are no-brainer. I gave it 4 stars because there's no way 14.5 ounces fills this jar. More like 12 (to the very top) and that's without the lid on. All in all its a great choice and thick glass.