Mason Jars

Classic and Iconic Glassware

Mason jars are the most iconic style of glass jar, and for good reason. Whether you want to use them for canning, storage, or just some classic and rustic décor such as a mason jar centerpiece, we have the mason jars that you need. Our clear glass mason jars range from small mason jars such as squat jars to the large mason jars like mayo jars that are perfect for pickled delicacies. Classy made simple – enjoy a minimalistic look for your products and home storage with our bulk mason jars.

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What size mason jar is best for drinking?

This depends on your preference and we offer selection of sizes including 16 oz mason jars which is a standard pint size.

How to decorate mason jars?

If you need some ideas or inspiration on how to use our mason jars, visit our Idea Center. We dig into canning, gifts in mason jars, and more.

Mason Jar Lids

Most jars allow you to choose the lid that is right for you. We have the standard button top lids, pewter, rustic unlined canning lids, and even daisy canning lids that can be used to turn your mason jar into a beverage cup or to diffuse scents.